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The Four Tendencies

Aug 21, 2021

Gretchen Rubin provides a fresh perspective on personality profiles and how they impact what we do. She particularly points out the Obliger tendency which is another word for a Nice Guy when it comes to men. I would highly recommend this book as it will help you understand some of the nuances of your and others’ behaviors and give you actionable suggestions to make changes. One thing that resonated with me is that it points out that about 40% of people have the Obliger tendency and those with Upholder tendencies have an Obliger tendency. This means that there is a large proportion of people who wish to meet the needs of others, the key is how to do it without sacrificing our own needs.


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Purpose and Identity – The Makings of an Integrated Man
Jun 18, 2024
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Over the course of several years, I have identified the key issues that plague most Nice Guys and keep them stuck in mediocrity. Two of the key issues are a lack of clear purpose and a lack of a distinct clear identity. This lack of clarity is often the reason Nice Guys end up in dysfunctional ...

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