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Are Poor Communication Skills Hurting Your Relationships

Jan 21, 2022

Successful communication is the hallmark of a healthy relationship. When there is a lack of communication, it may result in a psychological block that can destroy relationships.

Couples who fail to communicate often struggle with their relational growth and intimacy. It is essential to understand your partner’s inner world and have them understand yours to have a genuine connection with one another. Poor communication cannot be ignored in relationships as, ultimately, you will find that you grow apart over time.

Some Reasons for Communication Breakdowns in Relationships

Lack of Trust
When transparency and trust disappear from a relationship, communication breakdowns usually play a role. The relationship loses a sense of safety, and both partners no longer feel that vulnerability is possible.

Busy Schedules
It becomes challenging to make time for your partner when you both have a busy full-time working lifestyle. In such situations, people internalize stress resulting in a communication gap, ultimately harming the relationship.

Unhealthy Behaviors
Communication may break down when one person in the relationship engages in unhealthy behavior patterns such as continuous criticism or being defensive when there is a conflict or argument.

How Can You Fix Communication Problems in Relationships?

One of the most important ways to fix communication problems is by practicing active listening. Active listening is where you make a conscious effort to not only listen to the words that your partner is saying but, more importantly, the whole message that is being communicated. Actively listening involves making the other person feel heard without the persistent urge to interrupt. It also means taking the time to listen to what they say without spending the time composing your response in your mind while you wait for a chance to speak. A good listener can avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.

Another critical aspect of authentic communication is to take the time to resolve past issues. Sometimes something painful might have happened previously in the relationship that has not been addressed. It is crucial to process this and even seek outside help from a therapist or trusted advisor if you can’t do it independently. Continuing to bring it up and lay blame makes it impossible to move forward and create a safe communicative, intimate space in a relationship.

Poor communication is one of the most common reasons for ending relationships and divorce. Maintaining healthy communication is one of the best ways to foster a close connection with your partner. And while it can sometimes be difficult, it is worth the work.


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