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What our members are saying

While it’s no substitution for a good therapy session, therapy tends to be more expensive. And generally doesn’t encourage you to stop being a nice guy. And tend to not be hosted in the local bar. So yeah – it’s not at all like group therapy. Instead, you’ll find a great group of guys encouraging each other to go for what they want, teaching methods to avoid toxic patterns of manipulating, and learning how to overcome personal shame and anxiety. So come through the open door, take a seat, and learn how to stop being a nice guy without also being an asshole. (You might worry this group is about becoming mean. But don’t fret – you’re probably already too far on the other side of the nice scale to slide to the other end.)

Scott – May 2019

A group for men who want to improve their lives professionally, socially, romantically, etc. People looking for pickup tips and tricks, this is not for you. This group is about being authentic to yourself and others, not learning how to manipulate women into liking you for an act you learned.

Peter – Jan 2019

Great place to share and learn from others while on your journey of personal growth. This group has helped me through difficult times, and I’ve made a lot of great friends along the way. Adeel has put a lot of effort in making the group beneficial for everyone, each week focusing in on a different topic that helps drive the personal growth of the attendees. If you are taking the time to read this chances are high that this group is for you.

David – Feb 2018

I gotta’ say, it is good. I very much liked the director the ‘check-in’ leader gave the individuals in the group. And the conversations w/in the larger group are interesting & instructive as we attempt to recover from being nice guys.

Alex – Nov 2015

Words can’t describe.

Roger – Sep 2015

If the “About Us” section strikes a chord with you, this is THE group to be in. Safe, very supportive. NOT a ‘gripe’ group. This group is fully supportive and provides each week tools to help over come the “Nice Guy” traits and improving Mens lives!

Tracy – Jul 2015

I love it. I never knew there were others like me. It is therapeutic to meet with these guys. They are great. Love the format…breakouts then lesson. Great stuff!

Devin – Apr 2015

This group is a lifesaver to guys who are habitually Anxious to Please others.

Mark – Feb 2015

A bunch of great guys who get together for interesting and fun events.

Steve – Nov 2014

Great and safe room; I always enjoy it and I always learn something. This is very much appreciated.

Steven – Aug 2014

Its great to be able to discuss life with other men and help each other make changes that better our lives .

Paul – Aug 2014


Gary – May 2014

I felt very welcomed and heard sincere advise and support given to everyone there. I will be there next week for sure.

Mark – Feb 2014

Great group of guys. Very supportive and helpful.

Benjamin – Dec 2013

I really enjoy this group, it is very insightful, and I have learned a lot. I’m really glad I ran across this group on meetup.

Jeff – Nov 2013

Just what I needed right now!

Ryan – Oct 2013

I enjoyed the welcome, the company and the content. A valuable Meetup

Larry – Apr 2013

Really good – worth being a part of!

John – Jan 2013

I love these guys. I feels so glad that im not the only one going through something like this alone and it brings me a sense of comfort to know im not alone. These guys have been so supportive of me even though im still young i appreciate their insights.

Kristopher – Sep 2012

Love it

Philip – Jun 2012

Best group around

Curtis – Apr 2012

I enjoyed everything about the meetup group and I look forward to more opportunities to learn. Thanks guys!

Zak – Feb 2012

I really appreciate the fact that there are others out there that understand what we as men are feeling and dealing with. I look forward to getting to know the guys that are there.

Robbie – Oct 2011

Great group!

Scott – Aug 2011

This is a great group if your to shed the “Nice Guy” and become a “Man”!

Alan – Jul 2011

This is a great group that really delves into relationships and helps analyze situations in a healthy manner.

Nathan – Feb 2011

Awesome group, looking forward to future meetups.

Dave – Jan 2011

Highly recommend for any guy wanting to improve himself and his life!

Scott – Jan 2011

My ex was taking me to the cleaners, despite the fact that I was not even the aggressor in the relationship. The guidance I received from Adeel, and the support from the community helped me set on the right course with my divorce proceedings, and eventually, I ended up with a much more favorable outcome. I was able to set aside my emotions and not let that collude my judgment of the situation. I knew that I had a therapist and a supportive community of men to help me move forward in life.
The investment I made is worth the new life I have.

Brandon – Feb 2017