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The Authentic Man’s Guide to Building Lasting Love and Desire

The Authentic Man’s Guide to Building Lasting Love and Desire
Nov 14, 2023 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
24 people attended this event.

Authenticity breeds clarity in a relationship, and it brings people closer together.

It will be your job as a man, to be honest, never lie to a woman never withhold the truth. Never create a false impression or an illusion that kills her trust and kills her sexual desire. It’s your job to be transparent.

Don’t make her guess what you’re thinking, feeling, or what you want. She should always know because you are that transparent with her.

And it’s your job to set the tone and take the lead. And that allows her to melt into your powerful leadership, feel the kind of positive tension a woman needs for attraction and attachment, and have that kind of sexual desire that I’ve mentioned of them wanting to be opened up sexually by you every time that they’re around you.

This is a key ingredient of having great relationships built on authenticity. Let’s talk about how you can live an authentic life and allow it to infuse your relationship with love and respect.

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