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Finding Your Really Great Woman [Part 1] – Knowing the path to better relationships

Finding Your Really Great Woman [Part 1] – Knowing the path to better relationships
Oct 03, 2023 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
25 people attended this event.

To put it succinctly, nice guys tend to have issues with relationships.
Whether it’s anxiety and frustration about dating or when nice guys do get into a relationship – they often don’t pick the healthiest partners.
When it comes to relationships, most nice guys don’t have a very high bar.
They tend to date down and settle for less than what they really want.
They will often pick wounded women because they either believe that’s the best they can do or because they unconsciously believe a wounded woman won’t focus too much on their own perceived inadequacies and eventually leave them.
The longer you stay in one unhealthy relationship – the longer you delay finding a more suitable one for you.
There are a lot of good women out there.
But only a small handful of women have the potential to be your great woman.
And there are only just a few women who have the potential to be your really great match.
That’s why it is so very important that you do not waste time toiling in a relationship with a woman who’s not a good match for you.
This is always the most sought-after event in our series, so come join us for a fun discussion.

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