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Dealing with Breakups, Heartbreak and Loss – The Integrated Man’s Way

Dealing with Breakups, Heartbreak and Loss – The Integrated Man’s Way
Mar 19, 2024 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
26 people attended this event.

As we continue our conversations about healthy relationships, I want to address the elephant in the room, which is the loss of a relationship. Most men who come to our group have generally arrived due to a crisis, and usually, the crisis is that of a loss of a relationship.

According to Dr. Glover, “Heartbreak and loss are part of the human condition. You haven’t lived until you’ve had your heartbroken.”

This week, we will discuss heartbreak and loss, diving into human evolution, interpersonal neurobiology, and attachment theory to explain why we are wired to desire connection and why its disappearance hurts so much. We will also explore why Nice Guys tend to be so risk-averse and guarded when it comes to love and loss. Some of the issues we will be discussing include social anxiety, the fantasy life of nice guys, deprivation, thinking, shame, and idealized relationships.

We will take a couple of weeks to discuss the loss of a relationship, why it happens, and strategies to get over the heartbreak and come out stronger as we move forward.

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