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Attachment Styles and How They Affect Your Relationships

Attachment Styles and How They Affect Your Relationships
Mar 07, 2023 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
24 people attended this event.

Your attachment style can tell you a lot about yourself and your relationships. It can reveal why you seek out certain types of people, why certain issues keep coming up in your relationships, and why certain relationships have been successful or unsuccessful for you. Understanding your attachment style can help you to make better decisions about who you choose to date, how you approach and manage relationships, and how to handle issues that arise.

A lot of men who end up in troubled relationships are generally coming from a place where they don’t know what secure attachment looks like. Likewise, they end up with partners that are either anxious or avoidant themselves. This dance of anxiety and avoidance prevents both partners from feeling good about the relationship and themselves.

Your attachment style alone does not dictate the outcome of all your relationships, but it can offer insight into why your close relationships have achieved the successes or failures that they have, why you are drawn to the people you are attracted to, and why certain relationship issues seem to arise repeatedly for you.

Understanding our own attachment style, as well as the attachment styles of our partners, is the key to successful relationships. He believes that when we are aware of our attachment style, we can make better decisions about who we choose to date and how we handle our relationships.

Join us this week for a presentation on attachment styles, how they affect your relationships and how you too can improve your relationship by learn to become a more secure person.

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