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How to Get Accepted Into the Community

Quick steps to become part of our community:

  • 1

    Complete Quiz(Time to completion: 7 mins)

    Complete the Integrated Men quiz to understand how you fare in life and relationships.

    Begin here.

  • 2

    Complete Application Form(Time to completion: 5 mins)

    Complete the Application form, which helps us determine if this community is a good fit for you.

    (After completing the quiz in the link above, you will receive an email to get started with your application form).

  • 3

    Schedule Your Interview(Time to completion: 30 mins)

    Upon submission of your application form, you will be invited to schedule your 30-minute online consultation interview (via Zoom).

    This is our opportunity to get to know your needs and determine how this community can serve you and how you can serve the community.

  • 4

    Sign Up(Time to completion: 5 mins)

    If all goes well with your consultation interview, you will be invited to join our community.

  • 5

    Welcome to the Community(Time to completion: 5 mins)

    Accept your invite and complete the welcome steps.

    Join us in the community app and start attending community meetings.

You're all set!

Welcome to the Community