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The Makings of an Integrated Man

The Makings of an Integrated Man
Jun 15, 2021 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
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This week we are having one of the most groundbreaking discussions of all time. We are sharing some fundamental keys to achieving growth at a prosperous rate. We have a mission, and this mission is beyond the restraints of mediocrity. We were meant to soar to great heights of excellence and radiate our energy outwards. We were meant to harness our pain and turn it into something positive. To find our edge and push beyond it and into the depths of consciousness. To achieve freedom from our fears and live our lives with a purposeful life trajectory. To integrate the aspects of ourselves we have yet to discover into our being bringing us closer to a greater sense of wholeness. This week we are discussing the makings of an Integrated Man. You won’t want to miss this discussion. We have a lot of valuable wisdom to share as well as the desire to connect amongst one another. Join us this week in developing a deeper consciousness and a sense of belonging.

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