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Paradigm Shifts That Lead to Healthy Connections and Relationships With Women – Part Two

Paradigm Shifts That Lead to Healthy Connections and Relationships With Women – Part Two
Aug 01, 2023 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
+24 people attended this event.

Whatever we believe is true; our mind will find it to be true and find evidence to support it. What we believe to be true is what we will manifest in the world, and that is what we will attract to ourselves.

It’s a common dynamic amongst nice guys to have at least some negativity and resentment towards women. This can be especially true for single guys who have either not had much success in dating and for guys who have a tendency to pick and stay with wounded women. Nice guys often allow women who don’t treat them well into their lives, leading to a lot of future resentment and negativity.

These experiences can create a deep emotional scar for most men. It’s essential that we resolve these negative feelings and resentments toward women to attract a great woman into our lives as a partner.

These negative attitudes can be traced back to anxiety and a lack of skills in setting healthy boundaries.

This week we are continuing our work on replacing old paradigms with new paradigms about women and relationships. The paradigms that keep men stuck in unhealthy relationships or keep them sitting on the sidelines resenting women. I hope by the end of this week, you can start seeing women in a new light and start building healthy relationships with them.

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