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Overcoming the Fear of Success (Part Three)

Overcoming the Fear of Success (Part Three)
Sep 16, 2020 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
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Our discussions on overcoming fear of success continue as part of this series. Last week’s session ended with a fun session with overcoming rejection. Come prepared to participate in another exercise. A lot of men, in fact, a lot of people are afraid of success. This is because success is generally an unknown realm for everyone, as it always takes a different shape and form from what we imagine it to be. It is also different for each human being, and so is the experience of success. Dr. Glover states that it is logical to avoid doing what might lead to success if success might bring all of the problems your brain fears it will. There are various reasons why Nice Guys fear success, primarily it is the fear of repeating past experiences. But as we will learn, we don’t have to let past experiences hold us back from making a great cake of life. Let’s continue this week’s discussion on overcoming the Fear of Success and talk about things that hold us back and how to break these shackles.

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