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Overcoming Resentment Towards Women – Part One

Overcoming Resentment Towards Women – Part One
Aug 03, 2021 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
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It’s a pretty common dynamic amongst nice guys to have at least some negativity and resentment towards women. This can be especially true for single guys who have either not had much success in dating and for guys who have a tendency to pick and stay with wounded women. Nice guys often allow women into their lives who don’t treat them well which can lead to a lot of future resentment and negativity. These experiences can create a deep emotional scar for most men. And then this scar translates into negative energy that they project onto all women in general. We attribute the worst kind of motives to women, we call them all kinds of names, yet we still feel dependent on them. This week we are going to use your resentments & strong feelings as a path towards greater awareness. It’s important that we resolve these negative feelings and resentments towards women in order to attract a really great woman into our lives as a partner. Women don’t find resentful men attractive. The same way that men don’t find women who are “man-haters” attractive. This week at Integrated men we are discussing why men have a tendency to feel rage, resentment, and negativity towards women and we are going to dip our toes into learning how to overcome these feelings of resentment. In the following week, part two of this discussion, we are diving into learning about how to overcome these feelings of resentment we have towards women. Both discussions are equally as important. So join us this week at Integrated Men where we will be diving into the depths of one another’s lives as well as healing our distorted beliefs about women. If you are not a member of the Integrated Men’s Personal Development Community and would like to attend the meeting please join us at https://apply.integratedmen.net/join

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