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Overcome Your Anxiety with Women

Overcome Your Anxiety with Women
Sep 18, 2019 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
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Remember, we are starting our meetings at 6 pm now. Also, the meeting location is still the same as we had for the past couple of years, they have just rebranded to The Midway. Google Maps now recognizes it as the Midway as well. —- Are you a geek with Techniques? If you are like most bad daters, you believe that there is some opener, some pickup line, some magic trick that will miraculously make women attracted to you (especially the women you are most attracted to). This phenomenon is the result of not understanding the real reason for your dating and mating frustrations. You have probably spent years analyzing why women don’t seem to be attracted to you. Dr. Glover says the real problem is FEAR AND ANXIETY.Your frustrations are not the result of you not being good looking enough or women all being flakes. It is the result of being scared. Let’s get together and talk through Chapter 5 of the Dating Essentials for Men by Dr. Glover and not only become better daters but also better men.

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