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Nice guys and borderline personality disorder

Nice guys and borderline personality disorder
Jun 19, 2019 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
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As we move on from the topic of Finding your really great woman, this week’s discussion wraps up the conversation around the kind of women nice guys get into relationships with and how to it plays out into all aspects of their lives. Personality disorders, specifically BPD is a topic that comes up during our meetings fairly regularly. Scott Carter is an honorary member of the group and has worked extensively with Nice Guys in relationships. He has become kind of an expert in personality disorders and has a lot of great information to share about Borderline Personality Disorder. He has a pretty decent following on Quora where he answers questions regarding mental health and BPD. Scott has graciously offered to come and talk about personality disorders and provide some valuable insights about the red flags to watch out for. Scott says, “I noticed a few years ago that nice guys tend to get into and remain in long-term relationships with chaotic women, many of which have borderline personality disorder or BPD. What seems to be the most interesting thing is that there seems to be a specific personality type that is able to stay in long-term relationships with these chaotic types. Nice guys are some of the few people that will tolerate this level of chaos and caretaking long term.” Let’s meet up and have a great discussion and get a primer on BPD.

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