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Kicking Off the Year Right – Q&A About Health/Nutrition With Nicholas Hundley

Kicking Off the Year Right – Q&A About Health/Nutrition With Nicholas Hundley
Jan 02, 2019 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
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A large part of our personal growth is improving our health; mental, physical and spiritual growth occurs hand in hand and each one is equally important and dependent on the others. As part of the group motto of making ourselves a priority, physical health, especially nutrition is an essential part of it. We are going to have an informal Q&A session with Nicholas Hundley. We had Nick join us for a session in the past. This is another round of Q&A around health, nutrition and how it impacts on our brain and our choices. Nick has been a long-standing member of the group and is also a Nutritional Biochemist at MindWhale LLC. Those who attended Nick’s presentations know the wealth of knowledge he brings. This session is going to focus on how we can improve our mental health by adopting healthy eating habits. What are the kinds of foods that affect our mental health in a positive way and what foods should we avoid? If you are interested in asking him something please post their questions to the comments section of this event or email me. I will make an effort that we address as many questions as possible.

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