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Get The Sex You Want – Success Strategies for Satisfying Sex (Part 1)

Get The Sex You Want – Success Strategies for Satisfying Sex (Part 1)
Jul 17, 2019 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
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A nearly universal trait of Nice Guys is that they complain about unsatisfying sex, or often no sex. Their partners are often described as angry, frigid, unloving, unaffectionate women. Nice Guys often blame this situation exclusively on their partners, when in reality the Nice Guy himself has co-created the problem! The good news is that the Nice Guy also has the power to change things! There is no reason that any integrated male should be putting up with an unsatisfying sex life! Let’s learn about the ways Nice Guys get stuck in bad sexual attitudes and habits. Then let’s discuss the new healthy habits we can learn to get our sex life handled. We’ll talk about things like getting rid of sexual shame, meeting our own sexual needs in healthy ways, saying no to unsatisfying sex, and acting like a bull moose. Let’s have an honest conversation about this topic, how we can let go of the shame that holds us back and ways we can get our needs met in an integrated way.

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