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Get The Love You Want – Success Strategies for Intimate Relationships

Get The Love You Want – Success Strategies for Intimate Relationships
Aug 06, 2019 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
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Intimate relationships are often an area of great frustration and bewilderment for Nice Guys. Even though Nice Guys often profess a deep desire to be intimately connected with another individual, their internalized toxic shame and childhood survival mechanisms make such connections difficult and problematic. Let’s discuss the ways Nice Guys unknowingly sabotage themselves when it comes to relationships. Then we’ll talk about how applying some of the principles we’ve learned in past weeks can help us build successful relationships, and get us what we want in love! Be warned, if you are in a relationship, applying these principles will make one of two things happen: 1) Your present relationship will begin to grow and evolve in exciting and unpredictable ways, or 2) Your present relationship will be sent to a long overdue grave. Single / divorced guys, don’t think this topic doesn’t apply to you! We’ll also talk about some strategies for beginning a new relationship, to better ensure success. Plus, the things we’ll discuss can apply to all recovering Nice Guys, not just those currently in a relationship.

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