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Get The Life You Want – (Part 1) Defining What Passion is and what it isn’t

Get The Life You Want – (Part 1) Defining What Passion is and what it isn’t
Jan 09, 2019 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
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An annual revisiting of this event, but this time let’s take a fresher approach to what defines passion and success. Passion or lack thereof is one the key ingredients that define a meaningful life.This year I am breaking this discussion up into a two-part series about passion. In Part One we are going to talk about what passion is and what it isn’t. We are going to break some myths and barriers about passion and how it defines the lives of people who are at the pinnacle of success. As you look at the reality of your life, ask yourself two questions. First, are you creating the life you want? Second, if not, why not? Nice Guys are generally intelligent, industrious, and competent individuals. However, they spend so much time seeking approval and playing it safe, that they typically fall short of being all they can be. Nice Guys are deeply afraid, not only of failure but sometimes of success. Let’s discuss the ways in which Nice Guys sabotage themselves, and get stuck in lives of mediocrity. Then let’s talk about how we can free ourselves from this rut, by facing our fears, learning to chart our own path, letting go of perfectionism, learning to ask for help, identifying self-sabotaging behaviors, and developing a more accurate view of the world. Let’s also talk about the importance of having a purpose, and how we can find that purpose and be truly fulfilled in our lives! Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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