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Finding your Really Great Woman (and the ones to avoid) – Part Three

Finding your Really Great Woman (and the ones to avoid) – Part Three
Jul 08, 2020 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
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In the previous sessions, we discussed the traits of a Good Women and Really Great Women and distinguished between the two. We also discussed wrong women. As we discussed in the first session, the goal of dating is not to settle for some woman that will like you, put up with you, as you put up with her stuff. In order to increase the odds of you finding the kind of woman, who will treat you well and make you will beautiful you have to get good at quickly recognizing and avoiding the women who won’t treat you well and make your world beautiful. And once you recognize it to be a good ender and move on. In Part Three of this series, we’ll discuss the kind of women who Glover categorizes as Really Wrong Women. These are the women that Glover says will eat your lunch and make your life miserable. These women are a small percentage of women, but unfortunately, they are magnets for Nice Guys. Let’s discuss the information provided by Dr. Glover in his podcast titled by the same name so we can become vigilant about the personality traits that suck Nice Guys into heart-wrenching stories.

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