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Finding your Really Great Woman (and the ones to avoid) – Part 1

Finding your Really Great Woman (and the ones to avoid) – Part 1
Jun 17, 2020 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
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This is a really well-received topic that we revisit every year and the conversation gets better with each discussion. This multi-part series of discussions is based on Dr. Glover’s podcasts by the same title. They are a great exercise in developing healthy expectations in life and in relationships. With so many of our members making positive changes in their lives, they want to surround themselves with healthy people in their lives this is the place to begin. According to Dr. Glover, the way most people date is the worst possible way to go about building a healthy, long-term relationship. Nice Guys have a tendency to subconsciously co-create unhealthy relationships with women who are themselves unhealthy. This allows the Nice Guy to focus on how broken his partner is so that he doesn’t have to face his own issues. The problem is that co-dependent relationships like this are rarely happy and fulfilling. It’s time to change our ways! In this four-part discussion series, we will discuss what kind of woman to avoid if you want to build a relationship that will bless your life and lighten your load. We will discuss the kind of women to avoid, including “Wrong Women” (women who will make you unhappy and bring out the worst in you). Join us for this fun series of discussions.

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