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Dealing with Loss and Breakup the Integrated Man’s Way – Part 2

Dealing with Loss and Breakup the Integrated Man’s Way – Part 2
Mar 21, 2023 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
24 people attended this event.

This week we will continue our discussion about addressing heartbreak and loss. This is a recurring theme and usually a point where Nice Guys begin discovering their niceness. There is little time at this stage to recover the relationship, but by learning what led to the crisis and developing integrity, you can build a great cake of life.

Dr. Glover says: “Heartbreak and loss are part of the human condition. You haven’t lived until you’ve had your heartbroken.”

This week we will continue the discussion and talk about “trauma-bonded relationships,” a regular feature in Nice Guy relationships, and why they are so intense, addictive, and difficult to get over. We will talk about distinguishing between the heartbreak of idealized relationships and the heartbreak of modern relationships as well as how to heal from the heartbreak while reclaiming your life. Heartbreak is really just a mirage of loss and an opportunity for personal growth, so let’s learn how to come out stronger from this experience.

Join us for part two of this discussion.

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