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Dealing With Infidelity – The Integrated Man’s Way

Dealing With Infidelity – The Integrated Man’s Way
Mar 08, 2022 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
18 people attended this event.

Cheating can often be the time when two people revisit their entire relationship, their boundaries, their sexual scripts, their emotional intimacy, their relationship to their friends, as well as their financial or power dynamic.

Cheating is an experience and an act of betrayal.

It’s a violation of trust.

But it’s for every couple to define.

Everybody has a cheating story, whether you were cheated on, cheated on someone, or someone you know went through a case of infidelity.

This discussion gives perception for both the cheater and the cheated on.

The majority of couples do stay together after cheating takes place, and many often find that this was their relationship turning point where they changed the whole course and trajectory of their relationship for the better.

Stay true to yourself and don’t let yourself stay in something if it doesn’t feel authentic to you, but also know your bandwidth of how much you’re willing to fight for something because there is an ability to stay with someone after there is infidelity, you just have to really be willing to put in the work.

Once a cheater does not mean always a cheater.

Join us this week at Integrated Men to discuss everything a person who has been cheated on or done the cheating themselves needs to know in order to move forward.

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