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Dealing with Assertive / Controlling Women

Dealing with Assertive / Controlling Women
Jul 27, 2021 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
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There’s a certain logical yin and yang between nice guys and assertive women. Nice guys fail to set the tone and take the lead from the beginning, causing the woman to step up and lead – because someone has to. This dynamic ignites the flames of passion in the hearts of most nice guys. It makes them feel wanted and valued. But a man must step up, preferably from the very beginning, or the flames will eventually burn out and the ashes of what could have been will be all that is left. Maybe you’re interested in learning the signs of when a shy, yet assertive woman is showing interest in you and inviting you to set the tone and take the lead. Maybe you’re seeing a woman who is controlling the relationship and you don’t know how to reset the tone and take the lead. Maybe you unconsciously attract wounded women and see them as a diamond in the rough. Or maybe you’ve already fallen for a woman you’ve mistaken as strong but is actually critical and domineering. This week we’re talking about why nice guys mistakenly believe women want to be in control when actually it’s a facade most women put on to protect their hearts. We’re talking about the signs of a normal assertive woman vs the signs of an unhealthy controlling woman. We’re talking about how to set the tone and take the lead when you are interested in an assertive woman. Women are TIRED of playing the masculine role in relationships. Women WANT you to learn these lessons. Your current or future woman will be GRATEFUL you listened in to this discussion. Remember, the purpose of dating is to find out a woman’s true nature. When you lead, does she follow? A woman can’t follow where a man doesn’t lead. And of course, let’s catch up and see where one another are amongst the various journeys of growth we are all separately, yet still collectively enduring. Join us this week at Integrated Men, we’re missing you and we’ve got value to share with you.

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