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Creating Happiness Within – The Integrated Man’s Way [Emotional Mastery Series]

Creating Happiness Within – The Integrated Man’s Way [Emotional Mastery Series]
Jan 31, 2023 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
26 people attended this event.

Many men come to our group when they are usually at a very dark time in life. At times a dysfunctional relationship has taken all joy out of their lives.

Sometimes they don’t know that they have been suffering for a long time, perhaps since childhood. While they’ve had moments of joy, they have tried to find happiness in romantic relationships since they weren’t able to find it within themselves or around them. Media sells the images of “happily ever after,” which is not grounded in reality.

In this week’s discussion, we will examine our inner thoughts and feelings and learn ways to look within ourselves to find happiness.

People often search for romantic partners in hopes of finding an external source of happiness to fill the void within them. However, we can never truly attain happiness until we know how to provide it for ourselves, nor can we offer true love to others when we deny ourselves of that same love.

By carefully examining our relationships, we can discern who has our best interests at heart, as opposed to those who would prefer to utilize you for their own gain. We must set high standards for those we allow to be a part of and influence our lives. This is how we can protect ourselves from being used or manipulated.

Join us in our journey towards raising the bar — and quality — for our support system as we define the hallmarks of true friendship and how you can create happiness within.

Join us this week as we guide you through the process of creating the inner peace and contentment we all deeply yearn for… all without needing to depend on someone else to provide it for you.

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