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Assertiveness Bill of Rights

Assertiveness Bill of Rights
Nov 28, 2018 | 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time
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Do you have difficulty expressing your feelings, thoughts, and desires? Do you find yourself repressing your anger and resenting it afterward? Do you find yourself being walked on, fearing to stand up for yourself believing you will be rejected or left alone? Do you feel like a victim living at the mercies of those around you and the harsh universe? Would you like to live confidently without needing proof or approval from others? Let’s talk about how we can reclaim our power by surrendering, dwelling in reality, expressing feelings, facing fears, developing integrity by understanding what healthy assertiveness is and how it differs from aggression. During this discussion, we will go through the Assertiveness Bill of Rights, it’s a list we go through on an annual basis and debunks a lot of myths about being assertive (*hint, you don’t have to stand on your roof telling everyone you’re an assertive person).

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